Royal Naval Air Stations & Norfolk Airship Fields WW1

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During World War One the Royal Naval Air Station at South Denes,  Great Yarmouth had a number of satellite airfields called Night Landing Grounds around the coast.

     Those in Norfolk were at (Sedgeford, Holt, Bacton and Burgh Castle,) most have totally disappeared. The RFC airfield at Marham also controlled landing grounds, in (Norfolk, Earsham, Freethorpe,  Gooderstone Warren, Mousehold Heath, Saxthorpe, Sedgeford, Sporle, Tottenhill and West Rudham. )

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1.Bacton 5.Marham
2.Burgh Castle 6.Mousehold Heath Aerodrome
3.Gt Yarmouth 7.Narborough
4.Holt 8.Sedgeford

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